Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Raging Battle

My two biggest issues are material possessions (the need to spend money) and food. It has taken me many years to realize I have a "spending" problem. I have a hard time figuring out needs verses wants. To take money and spend it on clothes, food, "stuff" gives me an emotional rush where I feel good for a while. Then my emotions fall down when I realize I have spent the money I needed for bills and other necessities. I have been on this vicious cycle for years and have made a choice to stop! I have found something that can give me an emotional "high" that will last for days, even weeks....GOD!

It has been a roller coaster, I say I will change and fully intend to and then fail. I get up one day planning to do better and Don't. But this time I am doing something radically different. First my husband and I are going on this journey together...we are talking, praying and supporting one another. Second we are consulting financial coaches through our church to guide and pray for us. We have tried to change on our own countless times and failed...we knew we needed to do something different this time. Third I am praying ALL the time and reading my bible. When I have a desire to spend money or I am not sure I should spend money I am going to God and asking Him in prayer...I am going to the word of God and consulting what the book of truth has to say.

This process is drawing me closer to God and I pray will change me in radical ways. IN ways so evident people will ask and I will be able to share my story one day. I know there will be good days and bad....but I am not trying on my own this time. I have the power of God standing behind me.


  1. Interesting the cycle is the same no matter what the will have an Awesome God story someday!

  2. Thanks for sharing your battle. I too am a shopper! My hubby & I went thru Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace over a year ago and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY! God Bless you on your journey!

  3. Mindy~ Thank you for sharing about what you struggle with and how you are putting God first in this area of your life. How awesome that you and your husband are coming up with a plan to help both of you have success in this area. God will use your testimony to bring others closer to Him and to help them in areas they struggle with too. May you draw closer and closer to the Lord through your dependence on Him!! ~Stacey

  4. You have a great plan to help you be set up for success. God has a plan for your story, keep following hard after Him. I also love how you have taken something Satan could use for destruction and are using it to glorify God & draw you & your husband closer together:)