Thursday, February 20, 2014

Soul filling Satisfaction

 “For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things” (Psalm 107:9). As I continue on this journey of "Made to Crave" some of my biggest take aways are that my focus and passion needs to be for Jesus. How my cravings, desires, wants, and needs to be to be for Him and not food or material possessions. By doing this I can truly have effective life change.
The promise given in Psalm 107:9 gives me a pace that I don't have to find ways on my own to satisfy my thirst...God will satisfy these needs. He is enough. If I could ask God for one thing I would ask for peace. For so long I have felt that I have a big empty hole that I cannot fill. In the times I have turned to God I have notice a peace that has washed over me. During this adventure God has shown me how he will provide for my every need if I only relay on Him. When I wanted to buy snacks in the store I knew would not be good for me...I prayed and strength was given to resist my temptation. When we went out to eat and I had a choice between a salad or a juicy burger...I prayed and God gave me the strength to make the right choice. To conclude this post I will end with a SOAP...(Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer)
S:“For he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things” (Psalm 107:9)
O:God fills us with GOOD things...not bad things..not things that will make us fat or unhealthy but Good. God desires us to want this for ourselves and I believe with prayer he will help us change our desires to GOOD things.
A: I need to turn to God to satisfy my every need..not food, or material possessions. I also need to trust that God will meet my needs.
P: Dear Lord help me to turn to you in every moment of every day. You meet my every need and care for me beyond measure. Thank you for your love and guidance. Amen.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Currently I am going through the study "Made to Crave" by Lysa Terkeurst as well as participating in the 24 Day Advocare challenge. This has been an interesting journey causing much reflection and thought about how I view myself and how much I value the opinion of others when it comes to my physical appearance. I have found myself turning more to God and more to his word as I work on this journey of making my body a "temple to the Lord..". As I do this I find a inner peace that I have not had before.

In Chapter 6 Lysa asks us to reflect and choose if 1. We would rather have your physical body altered to be more in tune with what we desire or 2. Have a deep sense of beauty about who we are no matter what shape or form. This question really caused me to pause and think which I would desire. My first instinct was to have my body physically altered and fixed just like that. The area I would want fixed is my tummy...I have thought about a tummy tuck many of times.

I was always the skinny girl the size 00...but then I got older my metabolism changed, I got pregnant and had to have an emergency c section, then I got pregnant again and had another c section. These things change your body and especially the tummy area. Since then my weight has climbed and my belly has gotten bigger and flabbier.  A tummy tuck would be really tempting but would it really change anything other than my appearance?

After much thought and prayer I decided I would rather option have a deep sense of beauty and peace because that is eternal. More than a cute tummy, or jeans that fit just right I think having a peace bout you does not go unnoticed. Having a deep sense of contentment is what I would desire it spills over into so many other areas of your life. I want my girls to grow up knowing and thinking that they are beautiful no matter what and I can teach them this by feeling this way about myself.
This journey is more than just becoming healthy, losing weight, or looking better. It is about growing closer to God and coming to the realization that I am beautiful just the way He made me.