Thursday, January 30, 2014


Everything is in God's timing. For the past six months I have been determined to eat healthier, exercise and lose some of this weight I gained since having two kids. I say "having two kids" like it is an excuse and at first 2 years ago maybe it was a valid reason for weight gain...but now it is a result of laziness, and lack of commitment. I didn't realize how much my physical appearance was a part of my identity  until I started gaining more and more weight, my face became more full, my pants larger and larger. I started to have pain in places I had never felt pain before such as my knees, hips, and back.
This past fall through prayer and time in Gods word it weighed heavily on me that if I was bothered by my weight gain and appearance change I needed to make a personal choice to make changes. I started out in November on the 24 day Advocare challenge and was not successful I blamed poor timing but really I just was not determined...I gave up too easily.
The biggest factor missing in my first attempt was God. I wasn't really praying about my goals, I was including God in the equation of change in my life. I decided to try again and this time I am doing it along with the "Made to Crave" study. It has totally changed my outlook to one of feeling isolated and  alone to being with thousands of others on this journey.
I still have my good days and bad but this time when I am struggling or I am feeling tempted I pray about it...I turn to God and it has made all the difference. As of right now I have lost 3 lbs and have already noticed a improvement on my energy and stress levels. I cant wait to see what God has in store for me as I continue this journey more determined than ever!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Raging Battle

My two biggest issues are material possessions (the need to spend money) and food. It has taken me many years to realize I have a "spending" problem. I have a hard time figuring out needs verses wants. To take money and spend it on clothes, food, "stuff" gives me an emotional rush where I feel good for a while. Then my emotions fall down when I realize I have spent the money I needed for bills and other necessities. I have been on this vicious cycle for years and have made a choice to stop! I have found something that can give me an emotional "high" that will last for days, even weeks....GOD!

It has been a roller coaster, I say I will change and fully intend to and then fail. I get up one day planning to do better and Don't. But this time I am doing something radically different. First my husband and I are going on this journey together...we are talking, praying and supporting one another. Second we are consulting financial coaches through our church to guide and pray for us. We have tried to change on our own countless times and failed...we knew we needed to do something different this time. Third I am praying ALL the time and reading my bible. When I have a desire to spend money or I am not sure I should spend money I am going to God and asking Him in prayer...I am going to the word of God and consulting what the book of truth has to say.

This process is drawing me closer to God and I pray will change me in radical ways. IN ways so evident people will ask and I will be able to share my story one day. I know there will be good days and bad....but I am not trying on my own this time. I have the power of God standing behind me.