Friday, July 2, 2010

Knowing God

I am embarking on a journey to "Know God". This is a repeat trip that I have made a few times before.

The first time was when I was a freshmen at Morehead State University. We were challenged to have "quiet time" with God. I had never heard of this before..I thought isnt that the time we spend with him when we are at church? This is time that is special between you and God. A time meant for just the two of you. When I was 18 and in college it was easy for me to find time to do this. I would wake up about half and hour early each day before class and just spend time going through my bible, reflecting on the week, praying. It was magical I had never felt closer to the Lord..then life hit. I changed colleges, got more involved in my relationship with Mark and that special time went away. I was distracted.
Fast forward a few years. I am now graduated from college and in my first real job as a secretary at Tri Health. It was my first full time job and I am going to church at Crossroads in Cincinnati. The pastor during one of his sermons sets out a challenge..set aside time for just you and God. He reflects with us how it with grow our relationship how precious this time is. It is de ja vu. I remember this time and how true his words are. I find a devotional recommended by a friend and again embark on the journey. I have about an hour of time each morning at work where no one else is in the office, we haven't opened and so I begin spending some quiet time with God. Again I find life as a distraction, Mark and I are planning a wedding, a move to Arizona. The time alone comes to an end.

It doesn't take me as long this time to find I need time with God..Alone. A few months later we have moved to Arizona I find myself a new wife with a new job, in a new place. I go through a really hard emotional time where I feel all alone. I reflect I didn't feel so alone when I took time to spend with God however and again I find the path and begin my quiet time with God. This time it is at the end of my day right before I go to bed each night when Mark has drifted off to sleep. Life gets better, I make friends, start a social life, buy a house. (Distractions) Again the time comes to an end.

Now here I am in my new home (for one year), I am a new mother and again I find the path to start my journey once again instead of labeling it as quiet time I seek to Know God better. To learn how I can be closer to Him. I am starting a book entitled "knowing God" it was recommended to me years ago by my father in law. With it I am continuing my devotional I have been working on entitled the Women's friendship bible. It was a bible I bought intending to work on my relationship with not only God but a friend.

Although I have often times strayed off the path of "knowing" God I pray I can find the time to dedicate to Him as I know He has done with me. I may not have always stayed by His side but I know He has always been with me.
Lord, I pray I can stay dedicated to you. You have given me so many blessings to be thankful for. My I always dedicate my life to you.