Friday, July 2, 2010

Knowing God

I am embarking on a journey to "Know God". This is a repeat trip that I have made a few times before.

The first time was when I was a freshmen at Morehead State University. We were challenged to have "quiet time" with God. I had never heard of this before..I thought isnt that the time we spend with him when we are at church? This is time that is special between you and God. A time meant for just the two of you. When I was 18 and in college it was easy for me to find time to do this. I would wake up about half and hour early each day before class and just spend time going through my bible, reflecting on the week, praying. It was magical I had never felt closer to the Lord..then life hit. I changed colleges, got more involved in my relationship with Mark and that special time went away. I was distracted.
Fast forward a few years. I am now graduated from college and in my first real job as a secretary at Tri Health. It was my first full time job and I am going to church at Crossroads in Cincinnati. The pastor during one of his sermons sets out a challenge..set aside time for just you and God. He reflects with us how it with grow our relationship how precious this time is. It is de ja vu. I remember this time and how true his words are. I find a devotional recommended by a friend and again embark on the journey. I have about an hour of time each morning at work where no one else is in the office, we haven't opened and so I begin spending some quiet time with God. Again I find life as a distraction, Mark and I are planning a wedding, a move to Arizona. The time alone comes to an end.

It doesn't take me as long this time to find I need time with God..Alone. A few months later we have moved to Arizona I find myself a new wife with a new job, in a new place. I go through a really hard emotional time where I feel all alone. I reflect I didn't feel so alone when I took time to spend with God however and again I find the path and begin my quiet time with God. This time it is at the end of my day right before I go to bed each night when Mark has drifted off to sleep. Life gets better, I make friends, start a social life, buy a house. (Distractions) Again the time comes to an end.

Now here I am in my new home (for one year), I am a new mother and again I find the path to start my journey once again instead of labeling it as quiet time I seek to Know God better. To learn how I can be closer to Him. I am starting a book entitled "knowing God" it was recommended to me years ago by my father in law. With it I am continuing my devotional I have been working on entitled the Women's friendship bible. It was a bible I bought intending to work on my relationship with not only God but a friend.

Although I have often times strayed off the path of "knowing" God I pray I can find the time to dedicate to Him as I know He has done with me. I may not have always stayed by His side but I know He has always been with me.
Lord, I pray I can stay dedicated to you. You have given me so many blessings to be thankful for. My I always dedicate my life to you.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Mark and I are so blessed with amazing family. When Evelyn was born my parents and sister were here to help. At the time we were just expecting my parents but my sister came as a total surprise. They arrived on May 18th and we were so excited to see them. We went out to the Yard House at Westgate for dinner that night as my last nice supper before the baby was true that was. Evelyn waited until family was here, I was out of school, and I had an amazing steak dinner to arrive. That night at 1:30AM my water broke...and her arrival into the world began.

When they were here they cleaned my house, brought things to the hospital that we needed, and were great emotional support. It was so nice that they got to see Evelyn in those precious first days. She was held, loved, sang to and formed special bonds during those days. Even now when I cant seem to settle her I will put my mom on the phone and she will sing the same song to her that she sang to her in the hospital and she will quiet down and go to sleep (if only for a few moments).
"Evelyn...Evelyn turn around
Evelyn Evelyn touch the ground
Evelyn Evelyn I love you
Evelyn Evelyn love me too!"

In between visitors we had our Arizona family...(you know who you are!) I cant even begin to say what an amazing support everyone has been. Coming to the house when I couldn't bend over or lift anything. Helping me to the doctor, cleaning, doing and more. Without everyone here I don't know how Mark and I would have ever done it. These same people were a constant stream in my hospital room as we were there for 5 whole days! They too bonded with my little angel and I made sure to put them in her baby books so years down the road I can share with her how loved she was and is.

Next came Marks parents and sister...they came during a very emotional time for me when my hormones were going crazy and everything and anything seemed to make me cry. Not to mention my body was still healing and I was a sleep deprived mess. Yet they loved me all the same. They were such a source of support, comfort and help when it was needed most. They too bonded with Evelyn while she was still so little...she was loved, held, cleaned and so well taken care of. They were there for many of her firsts..time at church, the mall, and more.

Again a few weeks in between where Arizona family came to the rescue..and as I began to heal and recover helped me to feel normal again by inviting us out and being so accepting of the new addition to our family. We have had a blast going to the movies, hanging out at friends homes, and just being together with those we love and care about.

Now Marks grandmother, Aunt Becky and cousin Rebekah (please correct spelling if I made a mistake) have been out and it has been such a great time and adventure. It was amazing how much a 10 year old can help and love a sweet baby girl. It was so neat to see them bond and watch Rebekah care for little Evelyn as her own. She would rock her, change h er, play with her. The boundless energy of youth! It has also been a blessing to see Marks grandmother get to spend quality time with her and love her..her first visit from a great-grandmother. She made her the most beautiful pink blanket that Evelyn will love and cherish. We had great times together from our first fathers day (when we had a swim party) to going to our first aquarium visit.

What great times we have had with friends and family. We look forward to all the time we will spend together in the future!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Momma

I can't believe it has been 20 days since Evelyn Ann Corradi entered the world. It has been emotional up and downs for me. So I had the baby blues..where I would just cry at the drop of a hat, or I would just start crying for no reason at all. It seems my hormones are starting to level out and I am beginning to feel as normal as I can.

So a friend of mine suggested starting a blog as a way to fill my summer until school starts up again. I have now started through the 360 site and this one. I used to blog back in high school and college and found it soothing to the soul.

As you can see I am a random blogger I blog about what is going through my mind it defiently helps me settle my thoughts.

At the moment I should be sleeping as my husband is asleep, the baby is asleep. But I find myself wide awake and bored. I have a clean house, laundry is done, trash cans brought in, to do list for the day accomplished.

I am also slightly lonely. I want to be out and about having fun doing things with friends. I realize the times have changed, life has changed and in many ways for the better. I find myself looking back to what I used to do during the, hang out with friends, lay by the pool working on my tan and reading a good book. I really miss laying by the pool in the sun. But then I look at Evelyn and realize how much I have gained and how much my heart has grown. I have a lifetime ahead of me to do those things but these moments I have with her now are moments that are here and then gone so quickly.

Well I think I am going to get ready for bed and maybe read a good book while staring at my little miracle. Goodnight and God bless.